Making Blankets & Quilts for Cwtch of Comfort

white blanketMaking Blankets for Cwtch of Comfort

All blankets should be knitted, crocheted or woven with white or gentle pastel yarn (yarn with a sparkle is fine) which is machine washable (and preferably tumble-dryable).

Yarn weight and fibre type are unimportant.


Making quilts for Cwtch of Comfort

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAQuilts should be made from white or gentle pastel fabric and should be quilted. Quilt tops may be pieced or plain, and backings can be flannelette sheeting, fleece fabric, muslin or patchwork fabric. You do not need to include wadding in the quilts, but if you do, it should be thin (sheeting or fine wadding).

Please make sure that all materials used are machine washable.




Blanket size guide

Baby: 30” x 30” / 75cm x 75cm

Toddler: 30” x 45” / 75cm x 100cm

Child: 45” x 60” / 1m x 1.25m

Teen / Young Adult: 60” x 72” / 1.25m x 1.75m


Your blanket does not need to fall exactly on these sizes: they are merely a guide to help you.


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