Quilt pattern ideas

For information on fabric requirements for making your quilt, please look at this page – as long as the fabrics are white or gentle pastels, they’ll be fantastic for Cwtch of Comfort …

This page has 2 sections – Quilt Blocks and Patterns for the whole quilt. Have fun!

Quilt Blocks

To find the pattern for each block, you can click either on the picture or on the title of the block, as both will take you to the pattern page.

  • Card Trick – this is a classic quilt pattern, which looks a lot more difficult than it actually is. It’s suitable for a confident beginner, and looks stunning as a full-sized quilt. There’s also a downloadable pdf available at the site.

Card Trick

  • Quick Nine-patch block – this is a fast way to make an absolute classic quilt bock, the nine-patch. Suitable for a beginner, this way of making a nine-patch will give you two blocks at a time!

Nine-patch block

  • Eccentric Star – a lovely block, suitable for the patchworker who is a little more confident with a rotary cutter, as this requires some precision cutting. This pattern makes a 9″ block.

Eccentric Star

  • Sands of Time – a really clever block, making use of scrap piecing, and trimming down the block once finished (although if you look closely at the cutting instructions, you’ll be able to avoid some of the waste …go on, I dare you to work out how!)

Sands of Time block

  • Hourglass block – this is a quick and easy method to make a stunning block by using some quick-piecing techniques. The picture shows a quilt made out of this block – the effect is gorgeous!

Hourglass quilt


Quilt Patterns

– I wasn’t going to include patterns for the whole quilt, as I was just going to focus on blocks, but these are so lovely that they had to be included! Photos are also linked to the relevant project, just to make life a little easier for you – have fun making these quilts – please share photos of the quilts you make so that we can all ooh and aaah together.

  • Magic nine-patch quilt Magic Nine-patch quilt – this quilt uses a jelly roll sewn together and then cut up into interesting motifs. This is a really lovely way to use a jelly roll.


  • Boxing day quiltBoxing Day Jelly Roll Quilt – another quilt showing the ingenious uses a jelly roll can be put to. It also needs extra fabric as this is a slightly larger quilt, but is still really easy to piece on the machine.


  • Play Time QuiltPlay Time – another simple pattern, this time using strip piecing, this link takes you to a page from where you can download the pdf file which has really clear cutting instructions and easy-to-follow diagrams.


  • Fat quart fizzFat Quarter Fizz – I love a good fat quarter quilt, and this uses 20 of them to make a full-sized quilt – you can scale this down if needed and the principles remain exactly the same. The link for this one takes you directly to the pdf file.


  • Frameworks Frameworks – this is my favourite of them all (you may see me heading to my local fabric shop for a jelly roll and some extras!) – it uses a jelly roll with a twist. Again, the link takes you directly to the pdf file for you to download it.


  • Self-binding quilt – this is a video tutorial showing you how to do this technique – ingenious!





For information on fabric requirements for making your quilt, please look at this page – as long as the fabrics are white or gentle pastels, they’ll be fantastic for Cwtch of Comfort … I’m heading off to the fabric shop now …



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