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Work in progress …

Well, happy February!


You’ll have noticed that things have been a little …. quiet over the past few weeks. That’s not because Cwtch is no more, oh no, it’s actually because I’ve had some … interesting life changes happening.

Over the new couple of weeks I’ll be revamping this site so that I can maintain it more easily once my new job (yes, complete career change) starts. While that’s happening, i would like to give you answers to some FAQs …

Which pattern do i need to use?
It’s completely your choice what pattern you use – but if you’re stuck for inspiration,  have a look at past Wednesday Wrinkle posts, as they’re all free patterns that I found to share with you.

What about colours?
When we started, we insisted on white – after all, these blankets are going to families who have just lost a child, and bright colours aren’t appropriate. As time has gone on, we’ve relaxed that, and will now accept white, cream and gentle (pale), gender neutral pastels. Please don’t make brightly coloured blankets, lovely though they are to look at.

How big does my blanket need to be?
Information about blanket sizes can be found here. The smallest size we can use is 30″ by 30″.

Where should I send my blanket?
Details of our drop off points can be found here. If you can’t drop your blanket off in person, please send them to the main 2 Wish offices (a dress through the previous link).

Can I make squares?
Yes, of course you can – but please contact me for an address to send them to, as they come directly to me at home. If you want to sew them together before sending them, please do so.

Will you be running classes / workshops / stitch-ins?
Yes, we will – once things have settled down for me personally. If you have a group and you want to hold your own stitch-ins for Cwtch, that would be fantastic – that’s what Ponty Happy Hookers did, and they made 39 blankets between them (not all in one go though!)

Diolch o galon for your continuing support. Sadly, we will never be not needed, but just know that your hard work and dedication give an immense amount of comfort to bereaved parents at the worst moment of their lives.


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