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And the award for most squares put together in the name of Cwtch goes to ….

Liz Jones, and the wonderful ladies of Pontypridd Happy Hookers!

Back in the mists of time …. ok, May, Liz collected squares from her friends in the then-named Pontypridd Craft Collective and from across various groups on Ravelry and from her friends and family with the aim of making blankets for Cwtch of Comfort. Little did we know at the time that she would end up inundated with squares and that that idea of collecting squares from people and sewing them together would lead to this:

2015-09-22 18.42.25

39, yes, you read correctly, 39 blankets donated to Cwtch of Comfort & 2 Wish Upon a Star. Each one of these blankets will go to one of the Emergency Units across Wales to be used as a small comfort for suddenly bereaved parents.

The blankets were made up as follows:

  • 24 Baby Blankets
  • 10 Toddler Blankets
  • 4 Child Blankets
  • 1 Teen/Young Adult Blanket

    13 blankets were made with donated squares and yarn (and sewn together by Liz and her intrepid team, whilst the rest were donated as full-sized blankets.

Liz had made a card:

card from ponty hookers0001

I’ve tried to scan the inside, but it doesn’t come out and I think that everybody mentioned in it needs their moment of thanks, so this is what the card said inside:

Dear Rhian and Eirian,

We are so pleased and honoured to be able to hand over this donation of 37 blankets.

We have been lucky to receive donations of squares, blankets, yarn and time and this card is to thank everyone by name.

460 squares have been donated by:

  • Pontypridd Women’s Crochet Group (Bonnie Hall, Claire Pugh, Lisa Garratt, Gaëlle Henriet, Harrie Pugh, Elise Stewart, Kathleen Couchman, Jen Hughes, Julie Cooper, Delyth Brown, Amanda Walter)
  • Kathy Davies
  • Martine (Belgium)
  • Una (Manchester)
  • The SIBOL Ravelry group (Jessie, Joyce, Liz, Jayne, Chris, Sue, Joanna)
  • Fiona (Netherlands)
  • Ilona O’Donnell
  • Linda
  • Claire Hebden
  • Debi Y (USA)
  • Fiona
  • Thea Walley
  • Liz Jones
  • Jessica Felton
  • Shona Bayly
  • Jane Murison
  • Kate Hall
  • Suzanne
  • Susan Lewis
  • Nicola Carpenter
  • Dawn Tatlow
  • Lisa Matthews

Blanket have been donated by:

  • Joyce (SIBOL on Ravelry)
  • Bonnie Hall
  • Claire Pugh
  • Liz Jones
  • Harrie Pugh
  • Lisa Matthews
  • Debbie Bootyman
  • Jen Hughes
  • Gaëlle Henriet
  • Ana (Manchester)
  • Thea Walley
  • Jessica Felton
  • Ruth Bartlett-Jones

The blankets were made from the donated squares by:

  • Pontypridd Women’s Crochet Group
  • Bonnie Hall
  • Liz Jones

Special Thanks to Edwina Smart and Eleanor Howells for their donations of yarn, and to INSTORE Nantgarw and Talbot Green for giving us a discount on yarn purchases!

Thank you EVERYONE!

I was overcome by the generosity of the ladies of Ponty Happy Hookers (they’ve changed their name now and it suits them better, I think!), and cannot thank you all enough for all of your time and hard work. The stitch-ins at the Blueberry Inn in Ponty were fantastic too – thank you to the staff who didn’t know what had hit them when we turned up – they were probably expecting staid old ladies – which is not at all what they got!

Here are some photos that Liz’s daughter Myf took and put on her blog post at Unravelling me.

There are many more pictures on Liz’s own blog, but to finish, I want to say the biggest thank you imaginable to everybody involved in this project – this photo of Rhian sums up how we felt:


2 thoughts on “And the award for most squares put together in the name of Cwtch goes to ….

  1. Both myself & my mam were honoured to help such a fantastic cause. This is so close to my family’s hearts, it’s fantastic to see how much things have improved over the last 40+ years.

    Well done everyone!


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