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Wednesday Wrinkle – a washcloth? Really?

When I talk to people about writing this blog, one of the things that they ask me is how on earth I find all of the patterns. I have to admit that Ravelry is usually my first port of call for all things knitting and crochet, but as there are over 540,000 patterns on Ravelry, I still have a bit of searching to do.

A lot of people like making squares, and for crochet, it’s relatively easy to find square crochet blocks, but not necessarily so much for knitting. One of my search terms is “washcloth” or “dishcloth” as if it’s a square, then it’s a suitable pattern!

This week’s pattern is one example of a washcloth pattern – it’s a good pattern for trying out a basket-weave pattern on a small-scale project. It’s called Easy Checkered Washcloth – it’s from the Chilly Dog blog, and would look good in whatever weight of yarn you wanted to use.



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