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Crafters’ Stories – Harrie

Harrie is my little sis (only in terms of age as she’s taller than me and has been for 25 years – but I can still call her my little sis!). I’m so glad that I can share her story:

Hello, nice to see you.Who are you and where do you come from?

My name is Harrie I’m 38 & I am originally from Birmingham, I came to Uni in Wales aged 22 & never went back. I live in Pontypridd now.

What’s your crafting and Cwtch of Comfort story?

I first heard about 2 Wish from my Sister and I was blown away by Rhian’s strength & decided to do what I could to help out. I mentioned about the charity to a friend (the same friend who had taught me how to do the Granny Square) who also wanted to help. She came up with the idea of collecting squares to make blankets with as we both knew that doing an entire blanket could be very overwhelming & time consuming. She organised some of her crafty friends to attend a ‘stitch in’ at a local pub …. stitching & wine, is a perfect evening for me! I helped to promote the event through word of mouth & also social media . One of the Hookers that attended has a good friend at GTFM, so i also helped to promote our stitch ins live on air (very scary!) . I have 10438204_1854497131441280_4314732988134140440_nbeen promoting the Charity a lot & I have promises of squares & Blankets from friends in Birmingham who know how much this service is needed. I also went to the Stitch-in in Penarth (thanks for reminding me to breathe, E) & organised the T Shirts to promote Cwtch for Comfort.

Just before Easter a school friend of mine lost her 15 year old son – he was knocked over crossing the road & he unfortunately did not make it & he died the following day. I have not seen my friend in twenty years , & had never met her son, but i felt so desperately sad for her especially hearing the full story of what she went through & the aftermath of the tragedy.

Harrie's blanketI had a blanket that i had been working on for a couple of years so I decided to finish it off & donate to Cwtch of Comfort in Harry James’s memory. I called my friend to ask if she would mind as the blanket was in Pink & White. I explained what Cwch of Comfort was all about & she was happy for it to be donated in HJ’s name…. as when Harry was taken to the hospital all his clothes had to be cut off & he was only wearing his boxer shorts –  she sent her brother back home in order to get Harry’s blanket so that he had something of comfort, so she totally understood why they were needed.

I have never lost a child, but I’ve had friends & family members who have lost children & have had miscarriages, all i want to do is make an awful situation a little easier.

What’s next?

I have a load of squares that have been sat around not feeling any love for a long time, so I am going to make them up to size (as they are quite small ) & make them into a blanket. This Charity is very important to me so I can see me making blankets for them for a long time to come

Thanks, Harrie, for taking the time to talk to me!


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