In case you wondered why we do this …

Last Saturday’s Stitch-in was a huge success, and I have to thank everybody who has given me squares and blankets since then – really, they are wonderful!

One of our crafters, Harrie (who will hopefully be the subject of a future crafter’s story) shared a photo on facebook last week of a crochet blanket that she had finished after 4 years of it being on the back burner. she’s very generously going to be donating it to Cwtch  – this is what she wrote about it:

I’m giving this blanket iHarrie's blanketn memory  of my school friend’s 15 year old son who was tragically killed crossing the road. You gave your organs Harry James, so I’m giving something with love for a child’s parents who are having to go through what your family has been through.

I must admit to tearing up a little bit at that (I must at this point out that Harrie is my sister, so I’m allowed)

Then, the comments underneath completely finished me off: firstly from the Harry’s mam:

Such a wonderful gift. Harry only had boxer shorts on after the paramedics had cut off his clothes and all I wanted was some comfort for him. I made my brother drive many miles to collect Harry’s blanket from home. This gift will be much appreciated and give the parents a bit of love and comfort for their child… I wish you knew how much what you are doing means to these parents.

and then from another mother:

I received one of the memory boxes and they mean the world. This will mean the world to a parent.

We are really making a difference by making our blankets and quilts. In the radio interview with Bro FM (which I promise faithfully to put up on the blog at some point this week!) I said that every blanket is stitched with love. This really is true, and our work really does help.

Thank you, and carry on crafting!


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