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Stitch in success!

We had a fantastic time on Saturday – 25 intrepid knitters and crocheters made their way up to the gallery of All Saints Church in Penarth (and a couple of very brave gentle men – more on them later), and knitted, crocheted, chatted, drank coffee and tea and ate cake! I was meant to post this yesterday, but this weekend and yesterday have been a tad busy for other reasons (long, boring, not going to burden you with them now).

I think the best thing would be is if I told the story in photos:

So, during the week,2015-06-25 14.59.20 I sorted out a knitting pattern and a crochet pattern for people to follow: one thing that writing this blog has taught me is that people really like to know exactly what to make! So we now have a bias knitted square pattern, and a pattern to make a solid granny square (not a solid granny as somebody quipped on Saturday! 2015-06-25 17.12.33When I have a moment, I’m going to re-photograph the crochet square (I’ll make it square by blocking it for a start), and I’ll also re-knit the knitted square for a photo as there’s a really glaring error in this one (although nobody has mentioned it to me, I sure that most people were just being polite – however, I’m more of a hooker than a knitter – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!)

10438204_1854497131441280_4314732988134140440_nMy lovely sister had t-shirts made for us – here she is modelling hers here – I don’t seem to have stayed still enough for anybody to take a proper picture of me in mine! She also brought her crochet hook and the blanket she was working on (which she’s since finished) and kept reminding me to breathe during the morning. (Thank you, sis!)

11138111_1854496991441294_777980378159270303_nWe set up the servery – posh coffee, lovely tea and so many cakes (oh, so many cakes!) and two of my lovely friends from church came along to woman the kitchen – neither of them were particularly up for knitting, but did a brilliant job in the kitchen!

11665756_1854497004774626_4494386181182939336_nMy fantastic dad came to help out with childcare (I had some complex child juggling to achieve during the morning), and found himself being put in charge of the ball winder – he took to it like a storm – my dad does like a gadget!

My mum also came – she’s a proper knitter, not like me, who messes around the edges of knitting – and was kept busy teaching people – 11539609_1854496441441349_2807446132289525641_npeople like Geoff Selby of Bro FM fame – the gorgeous gentleman who allowed me to go and prattle on on his show last week (that’s another blog post I haven’t written up yet – I’ll do it for next week, promise). What I hadn’t told her about Geoff is that he has very little sight … but mum managed – she can teach anybody to knit!

11698636_1854496851441308_3034870010178094765_nMy daughter (also known as Girlchild to all on social media – another long and complex story I won’t bore you with) was also there for a little while – she kept busy taking coffee orders, circulating with cakes … oh, and eating one or two cakes herself! Hmmmm …


Yes, we had a wonderful time – here are some more of the photos.

19998_10205982976068041_5260529652901250488_n 11659283_1854496914774635_6246735869532601014_n 11223959_1854496934774633_94805419426628195_n 11698504_1854496834774643_4643242918479720477_n 11694853_1854497068107953_8155677659873467156_n


Thank you to everybody who came to knit, everybody who came to help and to donate cakes, and everybody who supported us by buying the cake that was left over after the Sunday Service. We’ll be looking to have another stitch-in later in the year – it’d be lovely to see you there!

Did I mention the cake?11666158_1854496978107962_8771104447938411435_n 11059911_1854496748107985_4574738788569160590_n





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