cwtch news

Cwtch news – we’re on the radio again!

bro radioThere I was, in the middle of writing my blog post for last Monday, when I was bemoaning the fact that Bro Radio hadn’t been in touch, when they emailed me to ask for my phone number. I sent it to them (of course!), and Geoff Selby, the presenter of the afternoon show from 1pm to 3pm phoned me a little later.

on the radioWell, long story short, I’m going to be talking on the radio again tomorrow – all about 2 Wish Upon a Star, Cwtch of Comfort, and of course the stitch-in on Saturday. I’ll be on Geoff’s afternoon show at around 1.15pm

This time I must remember to breathe, not to say anything unintentionally rude (although I swear that it’s the dirty minds of the people listening who made it so last time), and to not worry so much that my voice shakes throughout.

Let me know if you hear me!


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