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Stitch-In on the way …

I’ve never organised something like this before, so I have to admit to being a tad apprehensive. I’m going to run through my to-do list with you …

  • Space to knit and crochet – booked – the gallery of All Saints Church in Penarth is a beautiful space – the light is fantastic, and it’s really airy.
  • coffe and cakeCake bakers, coffee and tea space manning, help to set up and tidy up afterwards – check. My friends at All Saints are wonderful – those who can’t knit are going to bake – some of the knitters will bake too; I’ve had offers of help from lots of people – thank you! (Note to self – must go out and buy tea, coffee, milk and sugar)
  • Banners from 2 Wish – sorted, although I have to get my backside up to the office in Talbot Green to pick them up … that’s a job for next Thursday. Hopefully our own promotional postcards will be ready (I’m unbelievably excited about these – can’t wait to share them with you!)
  • Posters – printed – now I just need to put them up in places where knitters and crocheters will see them!
  • Publicity – sorted: the journalist from the Penarth Times has been fab – I had a long chat to him on Friday, and he’s in great admiration of people who crochet in particular – he can’t see how it works … I suggested that he bring himself along on the day, and somebody will show him! The people from Bro Radio (our local community radio station) haven’t responded to me as yet – I’ll keep on trying! *ed to add – as I was writing this paragraph, I got an email from the station asking for my phone number so that they could call me! Eep!*
  • Patterns for people to work to – nearly there. I’m writing a simple solid granny square pattern for the crocheters (putting it into British terminology will be a start), and I’m going to sort out a simple knitting pattern. I’m quickly finding out that people like to be told exactly what to make!Calon Yarns
  • Yarn for Sale – Christine from Yarn n Yarns has promised to send along some supplies of suitable yarn for Cwtch blankets for people to buy – she has lovely yarn, so that will be a treat!
  • Spare hooks and needles – again, Christine has come up trumps – she’s going to lend us her stash of spare needles and hooks so that we can teach people to knit or crochet – I’ll also bring a stash of hooks.

Have I thought of everything? Let me know!


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