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Crafters’ Stories- Elise

11293029_907200222636346_623224956_nElise is one of the lovely members of the Pontypridd Women’s Collective, who I was fortunate to meet at the stitch-in on 12th May. She is an absolute ball of energy, who kindly allowed me to interview her for this blog. Read and enjoy!

Hello, nice to see you. Who are you and where do you come from?

My name is Elise Stewart. I was born in Reading, England but I am a gypsy and move around a lot. I have been living in the Pontypridd area for the last 30 years now.

What’s your crafting story?

11257645_907199805969721_449476229_nI learnt to embroider at 5 and won a school award for the neatest smallest stitches at 6. This is still my first love but I also love sewing, painting, quilting, fabric dyeing and I am addicted to crochet. I only learnt crochet 2 years ago (in a skills swap where I taught embroidery) but I have been a happy hooker ever since. I even used to take my crochet to bed in the evenings til my husband complained he was sleeping with the WI! My favourite crochet piece so far is a 3 foot stuffed rabbit for a friend, but I have also made a psycho-looking frog, hats, gloves, doilies, cushion cover, and a bag – as well as lots of other bits and pieces. I am currently doing a crochet-along blanket made up,of 70 hexagons. It’s a bit of a challenge!11101157_907199402636428_1950056401_n

What’s your Cwtch of Comfort story?

I strongly believe what goes around comes around and I try to give back a little of the help and support I have received over the years. I was told I would probably never have kids so my son was a surprise blessing and I can’t imagine anything worse than losing a child.

The Cwtch blankets are my way of sending a loving hug to someone I will never meet but who needs to know they are not alone. The chance to help while nattering with friends was just the icing on the cake, and I met some lovely new people too. It always amazes me what a small number of people can do working together.

I made 3 squares at our last crochet-along night and I am going to keep making til the yarn runs out.Then who knows…I might feel brave enough to tackle a whole blanket myself.

I hope so! Thank you for talking to us, Elise.




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