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Wednesday Wrinkle – this week’s free pattern

So this week it’s the turn of the hookers to be inspired: this pretty pattern, as indicated by its name – the “Call the Midwife” inspired baby blanket – has been inspired by the programme on BBC1. In the original blog post, Rebecca (the author of the blog this pattern is from) says about this pattern:

One really fun thing about “Call the Midwife” is its wide array of gorgeous baby blankets. It’s impossible as a crocheter to not notice them. But one of them really caught my eye. (And no, those of you who watch the show, I’m not talking about the afghan that the midwives made for Chummy… though that is definitely one of the most beautiful!) I’m talking about a blanket I saw on the Christmas special …

This is the blanket she’s talking about:

screenshot from Call the MidwifeIt is gorgeous – and Rebecca has worked out the pattern. This is her version of it:

baby blanket pattern inspired by I think she’s done a wonderful job!

If you make this pattern, or any blankets for Cwtch of Comfort, please send us photos via the facebook page or the twitter account – we’d love to share them with others.


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