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Cwtch news – donated blankets

My favourite part of volunteering for Cwtch of Comfort has to be seeing people’s wonderful work and talent. This week, I’ve been fortunate to see the work of 2 people in particular who have made blankets for Cwtch of Comfort.

The first, Carolyn Evans, a mezzo with the WNO Chorus has donated 2 blankets she’s made and a third crocheted blanket made by a fellow member of the chorus, which they have made in rehearsals (what a great idea!) She’s spoken to me about her crafting and will be the subject of a future Crafter’s Story – you’re in for a real treat! We’ve had a lot of blankets donated by members of the WNO chorus – and they’re all really appreciated!

blankets donated to Cwtch of Comfort by Carolyn Evans - thank you.The second, Liz Jones, has made a beautiful blanket based on her own Four Hearts design – this is what she said about her blanket: ” It’s based on my ‘Four Hearts’ design and features a larger heart motif around the small hearts.” I’m really hoping that I can get Liz to agree to tell us her crafter’s story as well.

Liz Jones, Four Hearts blanketI’m asked if volunteering for Cwtch of Comfort makes me sad – to be honest, it makes me sad that we’re needed, but it also makes me believe in the goodness of people that crafters will make blankets and quilts for people they’ve never met and will never meet, in order to give them some comfort.

Thank you to all of our crafters. You are wonderful.


One thought on “Cwtch news – donated blankets

  1. I’m delighted to be able to help and I hope to have quite a few more blankets for you soon! I’d be very happy to share my ‘crafter’s story’ with you xxx


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