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5 great crochet patterns

Following on from the post earlier in the week giving 5 knitting patterns, today is the turn of the hookers amongst us. Again, the following patterns are all free, although some require you to have a Ravelry ID.

An added complication for all of us in the UK is that many of the crochet patterns are written in US terminology, which has different names for all of the stitches. Here’s a handy reference guide to help you read American crochet patterns.

crochet abbreviations conversions

So, now for 5 great free patterns for blankets

  1. Granny rectangleGranny rectangle – you can’t have a list of crochet patterns without a Granny blanket of some kind, so this is my first offering. This is good because although it’s written using American terminology, it has an excellent tutorial which is very easy to follow.
  2. Little Miss SunshineLittle Miss Sunshine – this is a beautiful blanket, a free Ravelry download. This is in my queue of blankets to make once I’m fit. Again. it uses US terminology, but it’s relatively straightforward apart from that.
  3. Basket Weave Blanket – this is another great US-terms pattern, which has a good tutorial as well as links to a video tutorial. This is a quick and easy pattern which uses chunky wool in the example, although there’s nothing to stop you using any weight of yarn or size of hook!
  4. little v-stitch blanketLittle V-stitch Blanket – this free pattern is from the American yarn company Lion Brand, which need you to sign up on their site (for free) before you can download patterns. This pattern is simple (in US terms again!), but looks remarkably complex given its simplicity.
  5. easy ripple blanketEasy Ripple Blanket – I love a good ripple pattern – they’re simple, but incredibly effective and look absolutely beautiful. This one is another written in US terminology – it can be adapted to make any size of blanket you want.

So there’s the first 5 crochet patterns … my aim now is to find some patterns written in UK terminology (or to write some myself, but that’s another blog post!)



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