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5 great free knitting patterns

It’s all very well for us to say “Yes please, we’d love you to make a blanket!”, but where do you start? Which pattern do you use?

Here’s 5 great patterns, all of which are free. Some of them require you to have a Ravelry ID, which is free (and also gives you access to millions of other free patterns as well as forums), others require you to sign up for their own sites.

I’m starting this week with 5 great knitting patterns, as I’m aware that most crafters are knitters. Crocheters (from henceforth to be fondly referred to as hookers) and quilters will get their own first lists in the next few days.

  1. Diagonal Comfort blanketDiagonal Comfort Blanket – this is on the Lion Brand site, an American yarn company. You need a Lion Brand registration, which is free. This is so easy that even I’ve attempted it!Garter Ridge Comfort blanket
  2. Garter Rib Comfort Blanket – this is a free Ravelry download. You’ll need to sign up for an account.
  3. 6-hour afghanSix-hour Afghan – a quick and easy pattern from Lion Brand. I’m sure it would take me longer than 6 hours, but then I knit incredibly slowly!
  4. sunny baby blanketSunny Baby Blanket – this is a lovely free pattern – it could easily be made bigger if you wanted to make a larger size.
  5. Heart blanket – this is far beyond my knittheart blanketing capability (but that’s not saying much). I aspire to be able to knit something as lovely as this!

Enjoy making your blankets – we love receiving them – we sit and pat them for hours before they go off to the hospitals across Wales where they bring so much comfort to suddenly bereaved parents.



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